The PQ plan to penalise party hoppers is perverted, and here’s why

This is a terrible idea! One of the things that keeps political parties honest is that if their leaders get too crazy, members can dissent. Let’s not forget that in Canadian politics, we vote for people, not parties, at least as far as the ballot box goes. I’m all for a move towards a constitutional change that recognizes the reality that people vote along party lines, but let’s start by addressing the fact that our current system distorts the distribution of seats and discriminates against Montrealers. Let’s not make our problems worse.

Under this new law, an MP could possibly be fined $600,000 if he or she is expelled from her party for disagreeing with it. The idea has outrageous corruption written all over it. There are other ways of dealing with party cohesion and deputies’ responsibilities to the VOTERS IN THEIR RIDING, not their leader. This law proposal is nothing more than a half-assed backdoor attempt at a constitutional change that would favour and entrench divisive wedge politics.

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